3. Multiplier Event: Registration for the YPT Preparatory Seminar 2021 has been launched

We are very happy to invite you to attend YPT Preparatory Seminar which is going to be held in Bratislava, Slovakia on 8. – 9. November 2021. Registration for the event has been officially launched. Teachers can register here: https://forms.gle/CC5ZL4GrDGXjMJeD7 And students here: https://forms.gle/3tQhjnU3ZkVWHrt4A. The deadline for registration is October, 13th. We are looking forward to meeting you soon, online […]

3. Multiplier Event: YPT Preparatory Seminar 2021

On 8. – 9. November 2021 (Monday – Tuesday), there will be next Multiplier event held in Bratislava, Slovakia – YPT Preparatory Seminar. The aim of the event is to provide students with suggestions and ideas for theoretical and experimental solutions to the IYPT 2022 Problems in a form of lectures. The event will be held on-site. The registration will be […]

4. Transnational Project Meeting

The 4. transnational project meeting was held on 28th – 30th of July 2021 in Balatonfüred, Hungary. During the meeting, partners had discussed the progress of the project so far: status of the outputs (IO2 + IO3) and financial issues, as well as planned the next steps including the deadlines for future work on IO2, IO3, IO4, and IO5. Apart from this, partners shared […]

2. Multiplier Event: Registration for the IYPT preparatory seminar has been launched

IYPT preparatory seminar for teachers and students in Slovakia will take place on 10-12 November 2020 (online). The registration for the preparatory seminar has started on 28th of October, 2020 and the deadline for registration is November 7th. Students can register via the google questionnaire: https://forms.gle/JopPNv1oxypgUygx8, teachers will be registered via e-mail and interviewed at a later stage. This seminar […]

2. Transnational Project Meeting

The second transnational project meeting was held on 18. September 2020 (online, 9:00 am CEST, due to the worldwide situation related to the COVID-19). Partners discussed the progress so far and the next steps, especially towards IO2 and IO3: Finalization of IO2, translations, deadlines, delivery Questionnaires and interviews for IO2 and IO3, data gathering, time plan Reporting of finances, closure […]

The final version of IO1

First Intellectual Output – IYPT Toolkit for teachers (ENG) – is available. This Output shall be a toolkit for high school teachers on how to use IYPT problems for Inquiry based learning in high school. The IYPT mimics well the process of scientific research. It is arguably the main purpose of science teaching to familiarize the students with the processes […]

Kick Off Meeting

The Kick-off Meeting of the project was held on 5th – 7th of November 2019 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Partners met to discuss the detailed planning of the project and started intensive work on the IYPT toolkit preparation. The IYPT toolkit will summarize the current experience of partners on IYPT. This summary of knowledge will aid teachers in launching their own […]