6. Multiplier Event: IYPT competition: methodology, good practices and results

Date: 5th of July 2022
Place: Budapest, ELTE TTK, 4.52, Hungary
Short summary:

The key to the development of the IYPT competition in Hungary is the building of our preparatory teacher network. The competition is very complex, so many teachers do not dare to start their students in this competition. The primary goal of the event was to reduce teachers’ resistance with showing good practices. Another goal of the event was to demonstrate how the IYPT methodology can be used in normal school class. In addition, we presented the impact of participation in the competition on the development of students’ soft and scientific skills. Both secondary school teachers and university lecturers participated in the event. We expect secondary school teachers to encourage their students to participate in the competition next year, and to use the IYPT methodology in class. We would like to involve university lecturers in the preparation works of the Hungarian team.